CppCon 2018: Nano-coroutines to the Rescue! (Using Coroutines TS, of Course)--G. Nishanov

We’re in the final countdown to this year’s CppCon, which starts on September 16. To whet your appetite for this year’s conference, here’s another of the top-rated talks from last year. Enjoy – and register today for CppCon 2019!

Nano-coroutines to the Rescue! (Using Coroutines TS, of Course)

by G. Nishanov

Summary of the talk:

Are you doing memory lookups in a huge table?
Does your embarrassingly random access to your lookup tables lead to memory stalls?

Fear no more!

We will explore techniques that allow us to do useful work while the prefetcher is busily working on bringing the requested cache lines from main memory, by utilizing nano-coroutines.

And the best part, nano-coroutines can be easily implemented using Coroutines TS that is already available in MSVC and Clang compilers. With a little bit of library support we can utilize the coroutines to extract intra-thread parallelism and quadruple the speed up your lookups.

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