Combining Ranges and Smart Output Iterators--Jonathan Boccara

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Combining Ranges and Smart Output Iterators

by Jonathan Boccara

From the article:

In our current stage of development of smart output iterators, we have:

  • some iterators, such as filter, transform, unzip or demux,
  • the possibility to combine them: filter(pred) >>= transform(f) >>= unzip(back_inserter(output1), back_inserter(output2))
  • their usage as the output iterator of an STL algorithm:
std::copy(begin(inputs), end(inputs), transform(f) >>= back_inserter(outputs));

What we’re going to work on today is removing the call to std::copy to have a pipeline made of output iterators only. And once we get such a pipeline, we will plug it to ranges, in order to benefit from the expressiveness of both ranges and smart output iterators, in the same expression...

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