Use the official Boost.Hana with MSVC 2017 Update 8 compiler--Bat-Ulzii Luvsanbat

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Use the official Boost.Hana with MSVC 2017 Update 8 compiler

by Bat-Ulzii Luvsanbat

From the article:

We would like to share a progress update to our previous announcement regarding enabling Boost.Hana with MSVC compiler. Just as a quick background, Louis Dionne, the Boost.Hana author, and us have jointly agreed to provide a version of Boost.Hana in vcpkg to promote usage of the library among more C++ users from the Visual C++ community. We’ve identified a set of blocking bugs and workarounds and called them out in our previous blog, and stated that as we fix the remaining bugs, we will gradually update the version of Boost.Hana in vcpkg, ultimately removing it and replacing it with master repo. We can conduct this development publicly in vcpkg without hindering new users who take a dependency on the library...

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