Modern C++: 7 Ways to Fake It Until You Have It--Jonathan Boccara

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Modern C++: 7 Ways to Fake It Until You Have It

by Jonathan Boccara

From the article:

Do you wish you had a later version of C++ in your production code? If you do, you’re not alone: a lot of C++ developers today don’t work with a compiler that supports the latest version of the standard.

It could be for many reasons: perhaps you have a lot of legacy code to migrate, or your clients do, or your hardware doesn’t have the adequate infrastructure yet. The point is, you can’t benefit from the latest features that the language offers, and that’s a shame because some of them would surely make your code more expressive.

But even if you can’t use those features, you don’t have to give up on their benefits. At least some of their benefits. There are way you could use the ideas of the new features in your code, to convey your intents more precisely.

Sure enough, it’s not as good as having them natively, which is why updating your compilers is still a necessity. But in the meantime, here are 7 ways to emulate those features, that will improve your code at a minimal cost...

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