High-Performance and Low-Latency C++ with Herb Sutter

Join us for a 3-day training event with Herb Sutter in London, October 9-11, 2017

High-Performance and Low-Latency C++

About the training:

Welcome to a unique training with Mr Herb Sutter focusing on Efficiency, Concurrency, Parallelism, Modern Hardware, and Modern C++11/14/17. Participants of this intensive 3-day training will be given the knowledge and skills required to write high-performance and low-latency code using modern C++ on today´s systems.

Mr Sutter is the chair of the ISO C++ committee and best-selling author of four books and hundreds of technical papers and articles, including the essay “The Free Lunch Is Over”.

Intermediate to advanced C++ programming experience is required. Some experience with concurrency, parallelism, and/or multiprocessing in e.g. Java, C, C++ or similar language is recommended, but not required.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend this three day course, to be held in London on the 9th – 11th October, 2017. Please notice there are a limited number of seats.

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dargouder said on Aug 2, 2017 06:07 AM:

The event URL is no longer valid, how can one sign up for the event, please?
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Blog Staff said on Aug 2, 2017 04:40 PM:

The link still works for us. Maybe it was a transient problem? Please try again and email the organizers or instructor if you have questions.
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dargouder said on Aug 3, 2017 01:13 AM:

Yes, an email was sent to the event organizers and it was fixed.
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Felix Petriconi said on Sep 26, 2017 11:27 PM:

I assume that not video recording will be available, because this is a commercial training.