The view from Nov 2016 C++ Standard Meeting Issaquah

Hi all, I have been on airplanes for the last 10 weeks in a row, starting with CPPCON 2016 on September 16 2016. But first, I wanted to update everyone on the latest status of the C++ Standard meeting from Issaquah on Nov 7, 2016. Here is a blog post where you can see a video of what is coming for C++17 and download the slides. You can also see what happened in Issaquah for Evolution, Parallelism, Concurrency, and the latest status of the National Body Comments:

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NoSenseEtAl said on Dec 9, 2016 02:05 PM:

Comments to address is misleading statistics.
C++14 was a minor version, unfortunately C++17 also so that they have less objections that a major version C++11 is expected.