Episode Eleven: To Kill a Move Constructor--Agustín "K-ballo" Bergé and Howard Hinnant

Following here is an advanced article about the behavior of C++ concerning copy and move operations. A more simple version is provided for a quicker and easier understanding of the best practices. The sum up is, don't declare as deleted a move constructor!

A more user friendly version

by Howard Hinnant

Episode Eleven: To Kill a Move Constructor

by Agustín "K-ballo" Bergé

From the article:

Unlike copy operations, which are provided by the compiler if not user declared, move operations can and often are suppressed such that a class might not have one. Furthermore, it is possible for a class to have a —user declared— move operation which is both defined as deleted, and at the same time ignored by overload resolution, as if it didn't exist...


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