C++ Weekly Episode 26: Language Features Removed in C++17—Jason Turner

Episode 26 of C++ Weekly.

Language Features Removed in C++17

by Jason Turner

About the show:

C++17 has not only added many new interesting things, it has removed and deprecated a few outdated features as well.


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d-marc said on Sep 2, 2016 02:43 AM:

I think its not a good idea to remove auto_ptr, because so much old code depends on it. I am not a fan of it, I understand why unique_ptr is superior and I do use unique_ptr now.

But until 2011 it was the only choice in stdc++ and all C++ gurus recommended it, besides its flaws.

Without thinking about it for long, I presume the upgrade path is to replace all occurances of auto_ptr by unique_ptr. Assuming this works, could auto_ptr become a typedef for unique_ptr in c++17?