HPX version 0.9.99 released -- STE||AR Group

The STE||AR Group has released V0.9.99 of HPX -- A general purpose parallel C++ runtime system for applications of any scale.

HPX V0.9.99 Released

The newest version of HPX (V0.9.99) is now available for download! Please see here for the release notes.

HPX exposes an API fully conforming to the concurrency related parts of the C++11/C++14/C++17 standards, extended and applied to distributed and heterogeneous computing, and aligned with the ongoing standardization discussions.

From the announcement:

  • Version 1.0 approaches! This release is significant as HPX is nearly feature complete. Over the next several months we will continue to test and polish HPX’s API and documentation. The feedback and experience gained from the community’s utilization of this release will provide guidance on where to add the finishing touches for V1.0.
  • We have put a lot of effort into improving the overall performance and stability of the library. Applications written using HPX have shown to outperform equivalent applications which are based on more conventional parallelization methods.
  • In this release we finished the implementation of transparent migration of components to another locality (e.g. physical compute-node). It is now possible to trigger a migration operation without ‘stopping the world’ for the object to migrate. HPX will make sure that no work is being executed on the object while it is moved and that all subsequently scheduled work for the migrated object will be transparently forwarded to the new locality. The global address of the migrated object does not change, thus the application will not have to be changed in any way to support this new functionality.


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