2016-07 Post-Oulu mailing available

The 2016-07 mailing of new standards papers is now available.

NOTE: A number of these papers have already been publicized on this blog. This is the complete list including ones not previously publicized.


2016-07 post-Oulu
WG21 Number Title Author Document Date Mailing Date Previous Version Subgroup Disposition
N4595 WG21 2016-06-10 Telecon Minutes Jonathan Wakely 2016-06-15 2016-07      
N4596 PL22.16 Jacksonville Minutes (revised) Jonathan Wakely 2016-04-01 2016-07      
N4597 WG21 2016-06 Oulu Minutes Jonathan Wakely 2016-07-11 2016-07      
N4598 PL22.16 2016-06 Oulu Minutes Jonathan Wakely 2016-07-10 2016-07      
N4599 2016-08 LWG Meeting Robert Douglas 2016-07-02 2016-07      
N4600 Working Draft, C++ Extensions for Library Fundamentals, Version 2 Geoffrey Romer 2016-07-01 2016-07      
N4601 Editor's Report for the Library Fundamentals TS Geoffrey Romer 2016-07-01 2016-07      
N4602 WG21 telecon minutes - pre-Oulu (revised) Jonathan Wakely 2016-07-10 2016-07      
N4603 Editor's Report -- Committee Draft, Standard for Programming Language C++ Richard Smith 2016-07-12 2016-07      
N4604 C++17 CD Ballot Document Richard Smith 2016-07-12 2016-07      
N4605       missing      
N4606 Working Draft, Standard for Programming Language C++ Richard Smith 2016-07-12 2016-07      
P0003R3 Removing Deprecated Exception Specifications from C++17 Alisdair Meredith 2016-06-23 2016-07 P0003R2 Core  
P0003R4 Removing Deprecated Exception Specifications from C++17 Alisdair Meredith 2016-06-25 2016-07 P0003R3 Core  
P0028R4 Using attribute namespaces without repetition J. Daniel Garcia, Daveed Vandevoorde 2016-06-22 2016-07 P0028R3 Core Adopted 2016-06
P0032R3 Homogeneous interface for variant, any and optional (Revision 3) Vicente J. Botet Escriba 2016-05-24 2016-07 P0032R2 Library Evolution Adopted 2016-06
P0035R4 Dynamic memory allocation for over-aligned data Clark Nelson 2016-06-21 2016-07 P0035R3 Core, Library Evolution Adopted 2016-06
P0040R3 Extending memory management tools Brent Friedman 2016-06-24 2016-07 P0040R2 Library Evolution, SG14 Adopted 2016-06
P0053R1 C++ Synchronized Buffered Ostream Lawrence Crowl, Peter Sommerlad, Nicolia Josuttis 2015-10-24 2016-07 P0053R0 Library evolution, Concurrency, Library  
P0053R2 C++ Synchronized Buffered Ostream Lawrence Crowl, Peter Sommerlad, Nicolia Josuttis 2016-07-05 2016-07 P0053R1 Library evolution, Concurrency, Library  
P0057R5 Wording for Coroutines Gor Nishanov 2016-07-10 2016-07 P0057R4 Core, Library  
P0063R3 C++17 should refer to C11 instead of C99 Clark Nelson, Hans Boehm 2016-06-23 2016-07 P0063R2 Library Evolution Adopted 2016-06
P0067R3 Elementary string conversions, revision 2 Jens Maurer 2016-06-23 2016-07 P0067R2 Library Adopted 2016-06
P0067R4 Elementary string conversions, revision 4 Jens Maurer 2016-07-11 2016-07 P0067R3 Library  
P0076R3 Vector and Wavefront Policies Arch Robison, Pablo Halpern, Robert Geva, Clark Nelson, Jens Maurer 2016-07-07 2016-07 P0076R2 Library Evolution  
P0083R3 Splicing Maps and Sets (Revision 5) Alan Talbot, Jonathan Wakely, Howard Hinnant, James Dennett 2016-06-24 2016-07 P0083R2 Library Evolution Adopted 2016-06
P0084R2 Emplace Return Type (Revision 1) Alan Talbot 2016-06-23 2016-07 P0084R1 Library Evolution, Library Adopted 2016-06
P0088R3 Variant: a type-safe union for C++17 (v8) Axel Naumann 2016-06-23 2016-07 P0088R2 Library Adopted 2016-06
P0091R3 Template argument deduction for class templates (Rev. 6) Mike Spertus, Faisal Vali, Richard Smith 2016-06-24 2016-07 P0091R2 Core Adopted 2016-06
P0122R3 span: bounds-safe views for sequences of objects Neil MacIntosh 2016-07-10 2016-07 P0122R2 Library Evolution  
P0124R2 Linux-Kernel Memory Model Paul E. McKenney, Ulrich Weigand, Andrea Parri, Boqun Feng 2016-06-26 2016-07 P0124R1 Concurrency  
P0127R2 Declaring non-type template arguments with auto James Touton, Mike Spertus 2016-06-23 2016-07 P0127R1 Evolution Adopted 2016-06
P0135R1 Wording for guaranteed copy elision through simplified value categories Richard Smith 2016-06-20 2016-07 P0135R0   Adopted 2016-06
P0137R1 Core Issue 1776: Replacement of class objects containing reference members Richard Smith 2016-06-23 2016-07 P0137R0 Core Adopted 2016-06
P0145R3 Refining Expression Evaluation Order for Idiomatic C++ Gabriel Dos Reis, Herb Sutter, Jonathan Caves 2016-06-23 2016-07 P0145R2 Core Adopted 2016-06
P0174R2 Deprecating Vestigial Library Parts in C++17 Alisdair Meredith 2016-06-23 2016-07 P0174R1 Library Evolution Adopted 2016-06
P0175R1 Synopses for the C library Thomas Koeppe, Richard Smith 2016-06-24 2016-07 P0175R0 Library Adopted 2016-06
P0180R2 Reserve a New Library Namespace Future Standardization Alisdair Meredith 2016-06-23 2016-07 P0180R1 Library Evolution Adopted 2016-06
P0181R1 Ordered By Default Alisdair Meredith 2016-06-23 2016-07 P0181R0 Library Evolution Adopted 2016-06
P0192R1 Adding a Fundamental Type for Short Float Boris Fomitchev, Sergei Nikolaev, Olivier Giroux, Lawrence Crowl 2016-02-14 2016-07 P0192R0 Evolution  
P0209R2 make_from_tuple: apply for construction Pablo Halpern 2016-06-23 2016-07 P0209R1 Library Adopted 2016-06
P0217R3 Proposed wording for structured bindings Jens Maurer 2016-06-24 2016-07 P0217R2 Evolution, Library Evolution Adopted 2016-06
P0219R1 Relative Paths for Filesystem Beman Dawes 2016-06-24 2016-07 P0219R0 Library, File System Adopted 2016-06
P0221R2 Proposed wording for default comparisons, revision 4 Jens Maurer 2016-06-23 2016-07 P0221R1 Evolution, Core  
P0237R2 Wording for fundamental bit manipulation utilities Vincent Reverdy, Robert J. Brunner, Nathan Myers 2016-07-11 2016-07 P0237R1 Library Evolution, SG14, Numerics  
P0250R2 Wording improvements for initialization and thread ids (CWG 2046, 1784) Hans Boehm 2016-07-10 2016-07 P0250R1 Concurrency, Core  
P0254R2 Integrating std::string_view and std::string Marshall Clow 2016-06-24 2016-07 P0254R1 Library Evolution Adopted 2016-06
P0258R2 has_unique_object_representations - wording Michael Spencer 2016-06-24 2016-07 P0258R1 Library Adopted 2016-06
P0266R1 Removing Restrictions on requires-Expressions Walter E. Brown 2016-07-10 2016-07 P0266R0 Core  
P0267R2 A Proposal to Add 2D Graphics Rendering and Display to C++, Michael McLaughlin, Herb Sutter, Jason Zink 2016-06-22 2016-07 P0267R1 Library Evolution  
P0270R1 Removing C dependencies from signal handler wording Hans Boehm 2016-07-10 2016-07 P0270R0 Library  
P0283R2 Standard and non-standard attributes J. Daniel Garcia 2016-06-22 2016-07 P0283R1 Core Adopted 2016-06
P0292R2 constexpr if: A slightly different syntax Jens Maurer 2016-06-20 2016-07 P0292R1 Core Adopted 2016-06
P0296R2 Forward progress guarantees: Base definitions Torvald Riegel 2016-06-21 2016-07 P0296R1 Core Adopted 2016-06
P0298R1 A byte type definition Neil MacIntosh 2016-07-10 2016-07 P0298R0 Library Evolution  
P0299R1 Forward progress guarantees for the Parallelism TS features Torvald Riegel 2016-06-24 2016-07 P0299R0 Library Adopted 2016-06
P0302R1 Removing Allocator Support in std::function (rev 1) Jonathan Wakely 2016-06-23 2016-07 P0302R0 Library Adopted 2016-06
P0304R1 C++ Standard Library Issues Resolved Directly In Oulu Marshall Clow 2016-06-24 2016-07 P0304R0 Library Adopted 2016-06
P0305R1 Selection statements with initializer Thomas Koeppe 2016-06-24 2016-07 P0305R0 Evolution, Core Adopted 2016-06
P0307R2 Making Optional Greater Equal Again Tony Van Eerd 2016-03-15 2016-07 P0307R1 Library Evolution, Library Adopted 2016-06
P0314R0 Querying the alignment of an object Robert Haberlach 2016-03-28 2016-07   Evolution  
P0325R1 Propose to adopt make_array into the IS Zhihao Yuan 2016-06-29 2016-07 P0325R0 Library  
P0336R1 Better Names for Parallel Execution Policies in C++17 Pablo Halpern 2016-06-23 2016-07 P0336R0 Concurrency, Library Evolution Adopted 2016-06
P0346R1 A <random> Nomenclature Tweak Walter E. Brown 2016-06-21 2016-07 P0346R0 Library Adopted 2016-06
P0358R1 Fixes for not_fn Tomasz Kamiński 2016-06-22 2016-07 P0358R0 Library Evolution Adopted 2016-06
P0370R1 Ranges TS Design Updates Omnibus Casey Carter, Eric Niebler 2016-07-05 2016-07 P0370R0 Library Evolution  
P0371R1 Temporarily discourage memory_order_consume Hans Boehm 2016-06-23 2016-07 P0371R0 Library, Core Adopted 2016-06
P0380R1 A Contract Design G. Dos Reis, J. D. Garcia, J. Lakos, A. Meredith, N. Myers, B. Stroustrup 2016-07-11 2016-07 P0380R0 Evolution  
P0386R2 Inline Variables Hal Finkel, Richard Smith 2016-06-24 2016-07 P0386R1   Adopted 2016-06
P0387R0 Memory Model Issues for Concurrent Data Structures Hans Boehm 2016-07-11 2016-07   Concurrency  
P0388R0 Permit conversions to arrays of unknown bound Robert Haberlach 2016-06-28 2016-07   Evolution  
P0389R0 template keyword in unqualified-ids Robert Haberlach 2016-06-28 2016-07   Evolution  
P0390R0 A Proposal to Add Pointer Cast Functions with Move Semantics to the Standard Library Nickolas Pokhylets 2016-06-04 2016-07   Library Evolution, Library  
P0391R0 Introducing the term "templated entity" Jens Maurer 2016-06-21 2016-07   Core Adopted 2016-06
P0392R0 Adapting string_view by filesystem paths Nicolai Josuttis 2016-06-23 2016-07   Library Adopted 2016-06
P0393R3 Making Variant Greater Equal Tony Van Eerd 2016-06-21 2016-07 P0393R2 Library Adopted 2016-06
P0394R4 Hotel Parallelifornia: terminate() for Parallel Algorithms Exception Handling JF Bastien, Bryce Adelstein Lelbach 2016-06-23 2016-07 P0394R3 Concurrency Adopted 2016-06
P0396R0 C++ Concepts Active Issues List (Snapshot of Revision 4) Andrew Sutton 2016-06-24 2016-07   Core Adopted 2016-06
P0397R0 C++ Standard Library Priority 1 Issues Resolved Directly In Oulu Alisdair Meredith 2016-06-24 2016-07   Library Adopted 2016-06
P0398R0 Core issue 1518: Explicit default constructors and copy-list-initialization Jens Maurer 2016-06-24 2016-07   Core Adopted 2016-06
P0400R0 Wording for Order of Evaluation of Function Arguments William M. Miller 2016-06-25 2016-07   WG21  
P0401R0 Extensions to the Allocator interface Jonathan Wakely 2016-07-08 2016-07   Library Evolution  
P0404R0 Matching Types: 404 Syntax Not found Hubert Tong, James Touton 2016-07-11 2016-07   Evolution  
P0405R0 Wording for Networking TS changes from Kona Jonathan Wakely 2016-06-28 2016-07   Library  
P0407R0 Allocator-aware basic stringbuf Peter Sommerlad 2016-07-05 2016-07   Library Evolution, Library  
P0408R0 Efficient Access to basic stringbuf's Buffer Peter Sommerlad 2016-07-01 2016-07   Library Evolution, Library  
P0409R0 Allow lambda capture [=, this] Thomas Koeppe 2016-06-27 2016-07   Evolution  
P0411R0 Separating Library Requirements and Preconditions Jonathan Wakely 2016-07-07 2016-07   Library Evolution, Library  
P0413R0 Updating Parallel Execution Policy Names in the Parallelism TS Pablo Halpern 2016-07-07 2016-07   Concurrency, Library Evolution  
P0414R0 Merging shared_ptr changes from Library Fundamentals to C++17 Jonathan Wakely 2016-07-07 2016-07   Library  
P0416R0 Operator Dot (R3) Bjarne Stroustrup, Gabriel Dos Reis 2016-07-10 2016-07 N4477 Evolution, Core  
P0417R0 C++17 should refer to ISO/IEC 10646 2014 instead of 1994 Beman Dawes 2016-07-13 2016-07   Core, Library  


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