Dive into C++14 - [1] - Introduction to C++14 core language features -- Vittorio Romeo

Vittorio Romeo continues his video tutorials with an introduction into the C++14 features.

Dive into C++14 - Part 1

by Vittorio Romeo

About the tutorial:

Like the previous series, it is dedicated to the C++11 standard, "Dive into C++14" will show the convenience and power of the latest standard (C++14) through videos regarding various topics.

The format of the videos is what makes "Dive into C++11" and "Dive into C++14" different from other tutorials: well-commented and well-formatted independently compilable chronologically sequential code segments will show the audience the thought process behind writing modern C++14 code.

The first video is a brief introduction to some of my favorite new C++14 core language features.
It covers the following topics, using code examples:

  • Function return type deduction
  • `decltype(auto)`
  • Relaxed constexpr restrictions
  • Variable templates
  • Generic lambdas

The target audience is newcomers to the C++14 standard who already have some experience with C++11.

The code of the tuturial can be found here: https://github.com/SuperV1234/Tutorials


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