Bloomberg C++ Challenge for Chance to Attend CppCon

Announced by Bloomberg this week, starts June 22:

Got What it Takes? Enter C++ Challenge for Chance to Attend CppCon

From the press release:

This summer, Bloomberg is hosting a weekly coding competition in partnership with the Standard C++ Foundation and CppCon, the flagship C++ conference. Part of Bloomberg’s overall CodeCon program, this contest will award seven problem solvers with a trip to Bellevue, Washington to attend CppCon in September 2015. The competition will be opened only to students currently enrolled in a university or college. Bloomberg CodeCon is a browser-based eLearning platform used by universities in their curricula, and powers coding challenges for college students in the US and Europe.

The series of seven weekly challenges will kick off on June 22, 2015, and each week contestants will be provided a different set of problems to solve via Bloomberg’s cloud-based CodeCon platform. Each week’s winner will earn a trip to CppCon in September. The list of seven winners will be announced and notified via email on August 5.

Additional coding contests will take place at the CppCon event in September for those who attend.

“We are excited to expand the types of competitions we can create and the opportunities CodeCon can provide to contestants,” said Rangan Prabhakaran, Bloomberg R&D developer and creator of CodeCon. “Focusing the competition to C++ and partnering with an industry leading conference like CppCon allows us to open greater opportunities for the programmer community at all skill levels.”

Keep an eye out for further contest details by following us on Twitter @BloombergLabs where we will be announcing the beginning of challenges – and make sure you are checking out the Bloomberg CodeCon site:

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