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ACCU's Overload journal of April 2015 is out. It contains C++ related articles.

Overload 126

From the journal:

Alternatives to Singletons and Global Variables: Global variables and Singletons are usually considered bad. Bob Schmidt summarises some alternatives. by Bob Schmidt

Resource Management with Explicit Template Specializations: RAII is a useful idiom. Pavel Frolov presents a powerful extension using explicit template specialization. by Pavel Frolov

Variadic and Variable Templates: C++11 and 14 offer new features for Variadic and Variable templates. Peter Sommerlad showcases the compile-time possibilities they offer. by Peter Sommerlad

iterator_pair – A Simple and Useful Iterator Adapter: Can you form a new contain from two others? Vladimir Grigoriev reminds us how to write an iterator. by Vladimir Grigoriev

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