CppCast Episode 7: Quick Game Development with Vittorio Romeo -- Rob Irving

Episode 7 of CppCast the only podcast by C++ developers for C++ developers. In this episode Vittorio Romeo joins Rob Irving to talk about making simple games with C++ using libraries like SFML, SDL and Cinder.

CppCast Episode 7: Quick Game Development with Vittorio Romeo

by Rob Irving

About the interviewee:

Vittorio Romeo is an undergraduate Computer Science student at "Università degli Studi di Messina". Since childhood he has always been interested in programming, and learned to develop applications and games as an autodidact. After discovering C++ a few years ago, Vittorio became extremely passionate about its evolution and its community. He currently works on open-source general-purpose C++14 libraries and develops free open-source games. Vittorio also loves teaching: he manages a well-received C++11/C++14 video tutorial series and he talked about game development in C++ at CppCon 2014. When he's not in front of a computer, Vittorio enjoys fitness activities (weightlifting, swimming, running) and reading.

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