2015-02 mid-meeting mailing available

The 2015-02 mailing of new standards papers is now available.

NOTE: A number of these papers have already been publicized on this blog. This is the complete list including ones not previously publicized.


WG21 Number Title Author Document Date Mailing Date Previous Version Subgroup Disposition
N4340 Remove Deprecated Use of the register Keyword Alisdair Meredith 2014-11-26 2015-02   Evolution  
N4341 C++ Standard Library Active Issues List (Revision R92) Alisdair Meredith   missing   Library  
N4342 C++ Standard Library Defect Report List (Revision R92) Alisdair Meredith   missing   Library  
N4343 C++ Standard Library Closed Issues List (Revision R92) Alisdair Meredith   missing   Library  
N4344 Suggested Design for Customization Points Eric Niebler   missing   Library  
N4345 Ranges for the Standard Library, Revision 2 Eric Niebler   missing   Library  
N4346 Multidimensional bounds, index and array_view, revision 5 Lukasz Mendakiewicz 2015-01-05 2015-02 N4177 Library  
N4347 Responses to National Body Comments, PDTS 19568, Library Fundamentals Barry Hedquist   missing      
N4348 Making std::function thread-safe Geoffrey Romer 2015-02-02 2015-02 N4159 Library  
N4349 Minutes of WG21 Telecon Jonathan Wakely 2014-12-05 2015-02      
N4350 Agenda and Meeting Notice for WG21 Concepts Meeting Notice (revision 1) Herb Sutter 2015-01-15 2015-02 N4339    
N4351 Responses to National Body Comments, PDTS 19570, C++ Extensions for Parallelism Barry Hedquist 2014-12-23 2015-02      
N4352 Parallelism TS Jared Hoberock 2015-01-08 2015-02 N4310    
N4353 Parallelism TS - Editor's Report Jared Hoberock 2015-01-08 2015-02      
N4354 Parallelism TS - DTS Ballot Document Jared Hoberock 2015-01-08 2015-02      
N4355 Shared Multidimensional Arrays with Polymorphic Layout Carter Edwards 2015-02-04 2015-02   Library  
N4356 Relaxed Array Type Declarator Carter Edwards 2015-02-04 2015-02   Evolution  
N4357 Introduce the [[noexit]] attribute for main as a hint to eliminate destructor calls for objects with static storage duration Jens Maurer 2015-01-19 2015-02 N4226 Evolution  
N4358 Unary Folds and Empty Parameter Packs Thibaut Le Jehan 2015-01-20 2015-02   Evolution  
N4359 A Proposal to Add vector release method just like unique_ptr release method to the Standard Library Jerry Liang 2015-01-09 2015-02   Library  
N4360 Delayed Evaluation Parameters Douglas Boffey 2015-01-22 2015-02   Evolution  
N4361 Concepts Lite TS Andrew Sutton 2015-01-27 2015-02 N4333    
N4362 WG21 2015-01 Skillman Minutes John Spicer 2015-01-27 2015-02      
N4363 Library Fundamentals v1 DTS Jeffrey Yasskin   missing      
N4364 Editor's Report for the Library Fundamentals v1 DTS Jeffrey Yasskin   missing      
N4365 Responses to National Body Comments, ISO/IEC PDTS 19568, C++ Extensions for Library Fundamentals Barry Hedquist 2015-01-29 2015-02      
N4366 LWG 2228: Missing SFINAE rule in unique_ptr templated assignment Howard Hinnant 2015-01-11 2015-02   Library  
N4367 Comparison in C++ Lawrence Crowl 2015-02-08 2015-02   Evolution  
N4368 Introducing alias size_type for type size_t in class std::bitset Vladimir Grigoriev 2015-02-03 2015-02   Library evolution  
N4369 Default argument for second parameter of std::advance Vladimir Grigoriev 2015-01-12 2015-02   Library evolution  
N4370 Networking Library Proposal (Revision 4) Christopher Kohlhoff 2015-02-06 2015-02 N4332 Library  
N4371 Minimal incomplete type support for standard containers, revision 2 Zhihao Yuan 2015-02-04 2015-02 N4056 Library  
N4372 A Proposal to Add a Const-Propagating Wrapper to the Standard Library Jonathan Coe 2015-02-06 2015-02 N4209 Library  
N4373 Atomic View Carter Edwards, Hans Boehm 2015-01-26 2015-02 N4142 Library  
N4374 Linux-Kernel Memory Mode Paul E. McKenney 2015-02-06 2015-02 N4322 Concurrency  
N4375 Out-of-Thin-Air Execution is Vacuous Paul E. McKenney 2015-02-06 2015-02 N4323 Concurrency  
N4376 Use Cases for Thread-Local Storage Paul E. McKenney 2015-02-06 2015-02 N4324 Concurrency  
N4377 C++ Extensions for Concepts PDTS Andrew Sutton 2015-02-09 2015-02      
N4378 Language Support for Contract Assertions John Lakos, Nathan Myers, Alexei Zakharov, Alexander Beels 2015-02-08 2015-02   Evolution  
N4379 FAQ about N4378, Language Support for Contract Assertions John Lakos, Nathan Myers 2015-02-08 2015-02   Evolution  
N4380 Constant View: A proposal for a std::as_const helper function template ADAM David Alan Martin, Alisdair Meredith 2015-02-05 2015-02   Library  

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