HPX version 0.9.9 released -- STE||AR Group

The STE||AR Group has released V0.9.9 of HPX -- A general purpose parallel C++ runtime system for applications of any scale.

HPX V0.9.9 Released

The newest version of HPX (V0.9.9) is now available for download! Please see here for the release notes.

HPX now exposes an API fully conforming to the concurrency related parts of the C++11 and C++14 standards, extended and applied to distributed computing.

From the announcement:

  • We completed the refactoring of hpx::future to be properly C++11 standards conforming.
  • We overhauled our build system to support newer CMake features to make it more robust and more portable.
  • We implemented a large part of the parallel algorithms and other parallel facilities proposed by C++ Technical Specifications N4104, N4088, and N4107.
  • We added many examples such as the 1D Stencil and the Matrix Transpose series.
  • We significantly improved the performance of the library and the existing documentation

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