Call for volunteers: blog editors

We are looking for additional volunteers to be blog editors.

Here's what you'd do: Just read your daily RSS and other web feeds, which you're probably doing anyway -- we'll suggest a few additional feeds as appropriate ones to watch for your blog section. Then, whenever you encounter a high-quality item that you think would be of broad interest to other modern C++ developers, share it on the blog by posting a brief "link-to style" blog item that lets our readers know about it. Each link-item would consist of just a one-line introductory blurb, a link to the post, and an interesting representative "from the article" passage to give the reader an idea of what it's about so they can decide whether to click and read further. See the style guide for an example of the content and editing.

Here are the roles we are seeking to fill, with a recent example of each type of post:

  • Articles & Books editors to link to new articles, such as experience reports about using modern C++ in a project, insights about using a particular C++ feature, and related things like announcements of new high-quality modern C++ books. Example: linking to a good experience report about using modern C++.
  • "Quick Q" editors to link to useful new Q&A on sites like StackOverflow or Reddit, to make readers aware of interesting questions that have correct answers. Example: linking to a good StackOverflow question.
  • Product News editors to link to announcements about compilers, libraries, and OSS projects of interest. We'd especially like to see more posts about OSS libraries that people maybe don't know about, but should. Example: linking to a good product blog post.
  • Video & Events editors to link to new high-quality videos on C++ topics, and to announcements relating to upcoming C++ events. Examples: see the blog's video category and events category for examples.

Requirements: You should be reasonably familiar with modern C++ so that you can judge whether a prospective item is reasonably accurate, modern, and of likely broad interest to C++ developers. Note that we are actively looking for items at all levels -- introductory (such as how to use a basic C++ features), intermediate, advanced, and "experimental." We want the blog to show a balanced mix of these -- our site should reflect the full range of our community.

Workload: The expected volume will usually be about 2-5 links per week, which should take less than 15 minutes per week of your time. Once you've found something to link to during your usual reading, it only takes a couple of minutes to write the blog post to tell others about it.

Honorarium: A modest honorarium is available for students who are accepted as blog editors. If you are a student and interested in the honorarium, please mention this in your inquiry email.

If you are interested in becoming an blog editor, please inquire at

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