C++11/14 Idioms I Use Every Day -- Paul Cechner

Start your Monday the right way by sending this to three of your friends who are new to (modern) C++:

C++11/14 Idioms I Use Every Day

by Paul Cechner

From the article:

Most attention on the new C++ has focused on the changes that provide functionality and performance that was previously not possible, both library enhancements (chrono, regex, smart pointers, and stuff to help with lambdas for example) and core language enhancements (perfect forwarding, variadic templates, the new memory model and threading capabilities, initialiser lists and the like). This functionality will impact us all in helping to write more correct code and efficient libraries, but often will only be relevant in certain parts of our code.

But the first thing that struck me when I started using C++11 was the smaller features that I could take advantage of every time I put my fingers to the keyboard. These are the things that make code more concise and simple and allow me to present my intentions more clearly. ...

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