Stroustrup: Why the 35-year-old C++ still dominates 'real' dev -- Paul Krill, Infoworld

infoworld.PNGToday in Infoworld:

Stroustrup: Why the 35-year-old C++ still dominates 'real' dev

C++ inventor details the language's latest changes and assesses the strengths and weaknesses of its competitors

by Paul Krill, Infoworld

From the interview:

Bjarne Stroustrup designed the C++ language in 1979, and the general-purpose language for systems programming has become a mainstay for developers everywhere, despite competition from Java, JavaScript, Python, Go, and Apple's newly unveiled Swift.

Now a technologist at Morgan Stanley and a professor at both Columbia University and Texas A&M University, Stroustrup spoke with InfoWorld Editor at Large Paul Krill about C++'s role today and about other happenings in software development, including Google's Go and Apple's Swift languages. ...

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