HPX version 0.9.8 released -- STE||AR Group

The STE||AR Group has released V0.9.8 of HPX -- A general purpose parallel C++ runtime system for applications of any scale.

HPX V0.9.8 Released

The newest version of HPX (V0.9.8) is now available for download! Please see here for the release notes.

HPX now exposes an API fully conforming to the concurrency related parts of the C++11 and the draft C++14 standards, extended and applied to distributed computing.

From the announcement:

  • A large part of the code base of HPX has been refactored and partially re-implemented: the threading and networking subsystems have been improved in performance, modularity, and robustness, the API was improved for closer conformance to the concurrency related parts of the C++11 and C++14 draft standards and the upcomming Concurrency TS.
  • We added new API functionality like hpx::migrate and hpx::copy_component which are the basic building blocks necessary for implementing higher level abstractions for system-wide load balancing, runtime-adaptive resource management, and object-oriented check-pointing and state-management.
  • We improved the distributed reference counting scheme used by HPX which helps managing distributed objects and memory.

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