Boost Migrating to Git, Going Modular

The historically monolithic Boost project is (finally!) migrating to git, with each library in Boost moving into its own repository on github. The goal is to foster a more agile nimble development model and a more active library ecosystem. Create your own forks, hack, submit pull requests, and do all the good things that distributed version control lets you do. From the announcement on the Boost mailing list:

Subversion repository closing. Conversion to Git imminent.

by Beman Dawes

The Boost Steering Committee has given the final approval for the conversion from Subversion to Git, including the modularization of Boost library repositories.

The Subversion repository will be closed for all changes to all branches, including the sandbox, Sunday, November 23 2013, 00:00 hours UTC. That's 8 PM Saturday, US East Coast time, and 5 PM US West Coast time.

Please make no svn commits after that time. We will be adding a pre-commit hook that prevents commits, but please do not wait for that becomes active.

After svn is closed, the conversion will be run one last time, and then turned off. Then there is a week set aside for final validity checks, testing, and general scurrying around. When that is done, the boostorg repo on GitHub will open for business. If everything goes smoothly, it may take less than a week but if there are glitches it may take longer.


Read the full thread here.

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