Trip report: Fall ISO C++ meeting -- Michael Wong

Michael Wong, head of Canadian delegation, has posted Part 1 of his report on the September ISO C++ meeting held in Chicago.

The View from the C++ Standard meeting September 2013 Part 1

by Michael Wong

From the article:

At this meeting, the most important thing was to address as many of the National Body (NB) Comments from the draft C++14 CD possible. This will enable us to be in good shape for the release of C++14 in 2014. Please look at my blog series to get an idea of the major content. However, this meeting did have some interesting minor changes which modified that content. This is fairly normal to decouple features which is still controversial. The biggest change is the moving of VLA (or what we called Array of Runtime Bound) and dynarray into a library array TS, and the adoption of the single quote as a digit separator for C++14.

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