N3795: A more common version of algorithm std::partition_copy -- Vladimir Grigoriev

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Document number: N3795

Date: 2013-09-16

A more common version of algorithm std::partition_copy

by Vladimir Grigoriev


The existent version of algorithm std::partition_copy has limited capabilities. In fact this algorithm is similar to algorithm std::copy but instead of copying all elements of the source sequence in one destination sequence it redirects all elements of the source sequence in either of two destination sequences depending on the given predicate. As in the first case in the second case all elements of the source sequence are processed.

However sometimes there is a need to process only that elements of the source sequence that satisfy some criteria. To demonstrate the idea let consider a simple task to copy all positive elements of an integral array in one container and all negative elements of the same array in some other container without touching elements equal to zero. ...

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