New paper: N3733, ISO/IEC CD 14882, C++ 2014, National Body Comments -- Barry Hedquist

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Document number: N3733

Date: 2013-08-26

ISO/IEC CD 14882, C++ 2014, National Body Comments

by Barry Hedquist, INCITS/PL22.16 IR


Attached is a complete set of National Body Comments submitted to JTC1 SC22 in response to the SC22 Ballot for ISO/IEC CD 14882, Committee Draft of the revision of ISO/IEC 14882:2011, aka C++ 2014.

This document is a revision to SC22 N4836, CD14882 Collated Comments. The revision contains a consistent numbering scheme for all comments. Comments that contained no numbering were numbered sequentially in the exact order presented in SC22 N4836. Comments that were numbered in the "Line Number" column (column 2) were moved to the MB/NC column (column 1). No other editing was done on any of the comments.

Document numbers referenced in the ballot comments are WG21 documents unless otherwise stated.

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