C++ Now 2013 sold out

As interest in C++ continues to increase, not only are we seeing more C++ events, but they're selling out quickly.

C++ Now (formerly BoostCon) just reported it is sold out with 53 days to go.

If you missed registering for C++ Now, check out additional C++ events coming up around the world in the Upcoming Events section on the sidebar.


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David H Braun said on Apr 23, 2013 05:10 AM:

In 20 years of C++ programming, I've never even attempted to go to a major C++ meeting, so I'm happy to see them selling out, as an indicator of general enthusiasm for C++. With information now so readily available on the Internet for those who don't go, it takes extra motivation to make a big trip out of it. For every one who physically goes, there are countless others who are paying close attention from a distance.