Image Watch: C++ image and video debugging plug-in for VS 2012

We continue to see modern C++ tool development across the industry continue apace. Here's another new cool C++-oriented tool with a nice seven-minute video on Channel 9:

Introducing Image Watch - A VS 2012 Plug-In for C++ Image and Video Debugging

Image Watch is a new Visual Studio 2012 plug-in for debugging C++ image and video processing applications, for example photo or augmented reality apps. Image Watch provides a watch window that can display in-memory bitmaps during debugging, so you no longer need to litter your code with "save-this-intermediate-image-to-a-file" statements when tracking down bugs. The initial release has built-in support for OpenCV image types and can be extended for viewing user-defined image types as well.

Here, Wolf Kienzle, Senior Research Developer, Interactive Visual Media group, Microsoft Research Redmond, explains and demos this excellent new tool for C++ developers building image, video or augmented reality apps. In effect, you can step into pixels...

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adrien c said on Mar 4, 2013 04:09 PM:

This is great,
It would be really nice to have the same kind of extension for audio content, and for streaming content.
Also being able to plot data (like arrays, or processed data, like statistic of values in an array), all that would be terrific.

Nice work! Bravo.