PVS-Studio: Top 10 bugs found in C++ projects in 2021

It's freezing outside, everyone has already decorated the Christmas tree and bought tangerines. New Year is coming! So, it's time to meet the Top 10 interesting bugs found by the PVS-Studio C++ analyzer in 2021.

Top 10 bugs found in C++ projects in 2021

by Vladislav Stolyarov

From the article:

Let's talk about... HTML! PVS-Studio provides diagnostics that don't just check code – they also look for abnormalities in string literals. The code above triggered one of these diagnostics. Such cases are quite rare. That's why, this one is so intriguing. Someone intended to create one list but added two tags that open this list instead of one. This is clearly a typo. The first tag must open the list, and the second one must close it.