Variadic CRTP -- Steve Dewhurst

Steve Dewhurst has published a new paper under his category Once Weakly:

Variadic CRTP

by Steve Dewhurst

From article:

One problem with [the] traditional application of CRTP is that it’s inflexible....  We can get [more] flexibility by specifying the CRTP capability as a template template parameter.

C++: Polymorphic Cloning and the CRTP (Curiously Recurring Template Pattern)--Katy Coe

katy.pngOn CRTP with multi-level inheritance, cloning, and the constructor forwarding problem.

C++: Polymorphic cloning and the CRTP (Curiously Recurring Template Pattern)

by Katy Coe

From the article:

A common problem in C++ occurs when you have an object of an unknown derived type and want to make a copy of it. ...

The solution is to use the commonly-used polymorphic cloning pattern. In this pattern, we define a virtual function -- which we’ll call clone() in this article -- which when called via an object pointer returns a new object of the correct derived type.

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