Noisy: The Class You Wrote a Hundred Times -- Vincent Zalzal

OXUJNJk0_400x400.jpgYou have probably written a class that prints a message in all its special member functions. And like me, you probably wrote it multiple times. I decided to write it well once and for all, and share it.

Noisy: The Class You Wrote a Hundred Times

by Vincent Zalzal

From the article:

Recently, I was writing some code involving structured bindings and I was unsure whether it would incur unintended copy or move operations. As usual, when I am in this situation, I open up Compiler Explorer and test it. For the nth time, I ended up coding a class like this one:

struct S { 
S() { std::cout << "ctor\n"; } 
~S() { std::cout << "dtor\n"; } 
// ... and so on with copy and move operations 

I don’t know how many times I wrote this class! I thought maybe it was time I write it well, once and for all, and then reuse it when I need it. And then, I thought that I am probably not the only one having written that class over and over again, am I? Maybe this could be useful to others.

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