CppCon 2023 C++23: An Overview of Almost All New and Updated Features -- Marc Gregoire

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C++23: An Overview of Almost All New and Updated Features

by Marc Gregoire

Summary of the talk:

As I have done for previous C++ Standard versions, I will explore almost all new and updated C++ features that come with the C++23 standard. C++23 is not as big of an update as C++20 was, but it does contain numerous new and updated features to both the core language and the Standard Library. The goal of this session is not to discuss all new and changed features in detail, as that is not possible in a one-hour session. Instead, at the end of the session, you should have a high-level overview of everything that's new or changed in C++23, and it might even change how you are using existing features.

The session will touch on the following core language and Standard Library topics.

C++23 core language changes include explicit object parameters (deducing this), if consteval, multidimensional subscript operators, built-in decay copy support, ability to mark unreachable code, support for specifying platform-independent assumptions, named universal character escapes, and more.

C++23 Standard Library changes include string formatting improvements, formatting of entire ranges, standard named modules std and std.compat, new containers flat_map and flat_set, multidimensional span aka mdspan, a standard generator coroutine, monadic operations on optionals, working with stacktraces at run time, many changes to the ranges library, std::expected as an alternative to exceptions, and more.

Throughout the session, the slides will contain references to other CppCon sessions with more details on specific topics.

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