CppCon 2023 Embracing CTAD -- Nina Ranns

Registration is now open for CppCon 2023! The conference starts on October 1 and will be held in person in Aurora, CO. To whet your appetite for this year’s conference, we’re posting some upcoming talks that you will be able to attend this year. Here’s another CppCon future talk we hope you will enjoy – and register today for CppCon 2023!

Embracing CTAD

Wednesday, October 4 • 15:15 - 16:15

by Nina Ranns

Summary of the talk:

Class template argument deduction, or CTAD, is a C++17 feature that has divided the experts into those who consider it very helpful and those who wish it never came to be. What is it, how can it make your life easier, and what makes some wary of it ? We explore the answers to all these questions while covering the history and the current state of CTAD, so you too can form your own opinion on the subject.

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