CppCon 2023 A Case Study on Using std::future for Robot Drivers -- Anthony Baker

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Time Is of the Essence: A Case Study on Using std::future for Robot Drivers

Wednesday, October 4 • 15:15 - 16:15

by Anthony Baker

Summary of the talk:

When it comes to robot control software, timing is important. In this presentation, we will examine the trade-offs of an asynchronous approach to writing control software to interface with robot hardware, using modern c++ features, versus a synchronous one. The audience will be introduced to the widely used robot control framework for ROS(Robot Operating System) 2, ros2_control, and a couple of robot drivers utilizing it, one for the Robotiq 2f 85 gripper and one for the Kinova Gen3 robot arm. The presentation will feature quantitative benchmarking data to observe the performance of the asynchronous and synchronous approaches, as well as video examples of both approaches in action on the robot hardware.

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