C++20 Lambda Extensions: Lambda Default Constructors -- Gajendra Gulgulia

GajendraGulgulia.pngIn this article, I cover Default constructuctible lambdas.

C++20 Lambda Extensions: Lambda Default Constructors

by Gajendra Gulgulia

From the article:

1. Default construction: Very short background

In C++ objects are default constructible if they satisfy certain conditions. The set of conditions vary and I’ll not go into all the details of what they are as it will be out of the scope of this article. Consider the Person class with default constructor in line 3. 

class Person{
         Person() = default;   //default constructor
         Person(std::uint32_t age, std::string name):
         age_{age}, name_{name}
         { /*empty body */ }

         std::string getName()  const { return name_;}
         std::uint32_t getAge() const { return age_; }
        void setAge(const std::uint32_t age) {age_ = age;}
        void setName(const std::string& name){name_ = name;}
       std::uint32_t age_{};
       std::string name_{};

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