What do number conversions cost?

Exploring how much number conversions from string cost you and how caching helps

What do number conversions cost?

by Jens Weller

From the article:

And so the devil said: "what if there is an easier design AND implementation?"

In the last two blog posts I've been exploring some of the ways to implement a certain type that has a string_view and holds a conversion to a type in a variant or any. And my last blog post touched on conversions. And that made me wonder, what if I did not have a cache in the type for conversions? The memory foot print would be much smaller, and implementation could be simple to convert in a toType function on demand. This then would essentially be a type that holds a string_view, but offers ways to convert this view to a type. Adding a cache to hold the converted value is in this case not necessary, as this is done on demand.

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