CppCon: Announcing CppCon Academy 2022 Classes

CppCon 2022 registration is open, and the Academy classes (aka pre- and post-conference extra tutorials) have just been announced:

Announcing CppCon Academy 2022 Classes

From the announcement:

Registration is open for almost twenty CppCon Academy classes that will be held in the days before or after CppCon 2022 in September. Four classes are open to online attendees and the rest will be offered to onsite attendees at the Gaylord Rockies in Aurora...

CppCon instructors are selected from the best C++ instructors in the world. They feature rare combinations of deep technical knowledge, extensive development experience, and the ability to explain things in an approachable manner.

Reminder: Early Bird Registration ends in mid-July, so register now!

Summary list of classes for 2022:

  • C++20 in Practice: A Complete Introduction with Nicolai Josuttis (onsite, pre)
  • C++ Templates for Developers with Walter E. Brown (onsite, post)
  • Getting Started with C++20/23 with Jeff Garland (onsite, post)
  • Introduction to C++20 with Mateusz Pusz (onsite, pre & post – four-days)
  • Modern C++: When Efficiency Matters with Andreas Fertig (online, pre)
  • Programming with C++20 with Andreas Fertig (online, post)
  • Accelerated TDD: For More Productive C++ with Phil Nash (onsite, pre)
  • Advanced Modern C++ Programming: The Tricky Parts with Nicolai Josuttis (online, post)
  • Best Practices for Modern C++ with Rainer Grimm (onsite, pre)
  • Digging Deeper With C++ Best Practices with Jason Turner (onsite, pre)
  • Managing Memory with Patrice Roy (onsite, post)
  • Thinking Small with Patrice Roy (onsite, pre)
  • Modern C++ Design Patterns with Klaus Iglberger (onsite, pre)
  • System Architecture And Design Using Modern C++ with Charley Bay (online, pre)
  • Heterogeneous Programming in Modern C++ with SYCL with Gordon Brown, James Reinders, Michael Wong, Rod Burns, and Ronan Keryell (onsite, post)
  • More Concurrent Thinking in C++: Beyond the Basics with Anthony Williams (onsite, pre)
  • Performance and Efficiency in C++ for Experts, Future Experts, and Everyone Else with Fedor Pikus (onsite, post)

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