The program for CPPP is now available

The CPPP - an international online C++ Conference from 1-3 December 2021 with a hint of French accent - has published their programme.

CPPP Programme

by CPPP Conference

About the programme

CPPP has now published its program along three tracks:

  • Progress: This track is all about the bases. These are the talks that you wish every C++ developer would listen to early in their career to start on the right foot. They can be very valuable to experts but need to be accessible to students and beginners.
  • Produce: Talks that can be immediately applied by professional C++ programmers in their everyday job. Concrete tools and pragmatic ideas that work for legacy codebases and scale well with big teams.
  • Push Forward: Novel ideas and approaches for C++. They can be patterns that are not well known yet, new features coming in the language, libraries using these recent features or new ways to think about old problems.

You can also already buy your tickets.


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