Design Idioms from an Alternate Universe--Ivan Čukić

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Design Idioms from an Alternate Universe

Wednesday, October 27 • 10:30am - 11:30am

by Ivan Čukić

Summary of the talk:

This session is part of the Software Design Track.

It is common to see different design idioms and patterns in different programming paradigms as they represent /the way/ something should be implemented in a given paradigm, and each paradigm is special enough for its way to be completely different to the way taken by the other ones.

While C++ is an one of a kind multiparadigm langugage, people tend to use object-oriented patterns with it most of the time. Generic and functional programming are also where C++ shines, so why avoid learning and using idioms from those two paradigms? People often think that they need to stick to a single paradigm not realizing that the true power lies in skillfully combining all of them.

This talk will present several software design idioms that people usually connect with generic and functional programming disciplines, but which are highly applicable to the usual code most of the contemporary C++ developers write every day.

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