Cppcon 2021 C++20’s <chrono> Calendars and Time Zones in MSVC--Miya Natsuhara

Registration is now open for CppCon 2021, which starts on October 24 and will be held both in person and online. To whet your appetite for this year’s conference, we’re posting some upcoming talks that you will be able to attend this year. Here’s another CppCon future talk we hope you will enjoy – and register today for CppCon 2021 to attend in person, online, or both!

C++20’s <chrono> Calendars and Time Zones in MSVC

Thursday, October 28 • 10:30am - 11:30am

by Miya Natsuhara

Summary of the talk:

The <chrono> header has existed since C++11, but C++20 dramatically increased its capabilities. MSVC has completed this C++20 feature and this session will focus on the development of our implementation and Windows-specific considerations that we encountered. For instance, how do we know if a given point in time is during a leap second insertion? Where do we get the data for time zones? If you are excited by these new chrono features and want to support a Windows platform, come and learn about its developments and caveats for a Windows implementation!

We will also touch on how STL maintainers and our valued external contributors developed the new features collaboratively. If you’re interested in participating in our open-source repo by reporting issues, contributing to discussions, or submitting pull requests, we hope that hearing about an example of collaboration will encourage you to visit our repo in the future.

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