Cppcon 2021 Back To Basics: Overload Resolution--Barbara Geller and Ansel Sermersheim

Registration is now open for CppCon 2021, which starts on October 24 and will be held both in person and online. To whet your appetite for this year’s conference, we’re posting some upcoming talks that you will be able to attend this year. Here’s another CppCon future talk we hope you will enjoy – and register today for CppCon 2021 to attend in person, online, or both!

Back To Basics: Overload Resolution

Tuesday, October 26 • 9:00am - 10:00am

by Barbara Geller and Ansel Sermersheim

Summary of the talk:

During this talk we will explain the definition of a function overload and what rules the compiler follows to decipher which overload to call. The rules can be complex and may not always do what you expect. We will condense the C++ standard to the essential rules every programmer should be aware of in order to reason through overload resolution.

Knowing how overload resolution works will improve your ability to debug compiler errors and this is vital to write correct code. We will provide simple and concise explanations for various buzzwords like template argument deduction, implicit conversion, standard conversions, and tie-breakers.

This talk is part of the Back to Basics track and the material will be targeted to include all skill levels. Familiarity with C++ is recommended however no prior knowledge of function overloads is required.

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