CppCon 2019 Behind Enemy Lines - Reverse Engineering C++ in Modern Ages--Gal Zaban

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Behind Enemy Lines - Reverse Engineering C++ in Modern Ages

by Gal Zaban

Summary of the talk:

What do C++ programs really look like? When developers think about hierarchy and virtual calls they see it as design patterns and code but reverse engineers look at it from a different angle, they think about Assembly puzzles.

C++ is known as a tangled language, templates, lambdas and pointers. All of these features create a jungle of objects intended to make life easier for the programmer. But once the program is compiled, the target program is no longer what it once seemed.

Reversing C++ programs is tedious, demanding, and requires rebuilding inheritance, identifying templates and tainting program flow in order to combat the ties of function overloading and class utilization.

C++ Binaries are a world of mysteries. In my presentation I am going to show how C++ binaries looks like after compilation and how reverse engineers see C++ binaries and understand their logic...

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