CppCon 2019 Back to Basics: Virtual Dispatch and its Alternatives--Inbal Levi

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Back to Basics: Virtual Dispatch and its Alternatives

by Inbal Levi

Summary of the talk:

Code efficiency is one of the strongest features of modern C++, therefore broadly used in industries with a need for high performance, such as Real-Time or Embedded Systems.

In this talk, we will go through the search for high run-time efficiency using the dispatch mechanism.

We will start by providing tools for understanding and estimating run-time performance cost.

Next, we'll analyze a test case, and dive into some of the most fundamental components of the language such as inheritance, and templates.

We will continue by introducing implementations which produce high run-time efficiency code such as CRTP, std::variant and visitor, and use them to maximize performance.

Finally, we will do benchmarking and draw conclusions, and try to answer the question -
How can we use C++ ideally for achieving high-performance efficiency?

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