CppCon 2020 Dealing with Embedded Limitations--Panel Discussion hosted by Ben Saks

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Dealing with Embedded Limitations

Panel Discussion hosted by Ben Saks

Summary of the talk:

Many embedded systems have requirements on latency, memory usage, and resource consumption. This is especially true of safety-critical and security-related systems. Many programmers and organizations worry that using C++ features will prevent them from meeting these requirements. Some avoid using specific features such as exception handling, while others avoid using C++ entirely.

This panel will discuss the challenges and benefits of using C++ in embedded contexts. We will explore ways that embedded systems can leverage the power of Modern C++ features to meet their guarantees. We will discuss which concerns are based in fact and which concerns are based on misconceptions.
Feel free to bring your own questions about anything that you believe inhibits your use of modern C++ on an embedded system. We will discuss pre-selected questions as well as audience submissions.

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