CppCon 2020 Breaking Dependencies: The SOLID Principles--Klaus Iglberger

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Breaking Dependencies: The SOLID Principles

by Klaus Iglberger

Summary of the talk:

SOLID is an abbreviation for five of the most important software design principles:
- (S)ingle Responsibility Principle
- (O)pen-Closed Principle
- (L)iskov Substitution Principle
- (I)nterface Segregation Principle
- (D)ependency Inversion Principle

For almost two decades, these principles have proven to be a valuable set of guidelines to cope with software dependencies. Although initially introduced as guidelines for object-oriented programming, they have become a universal set of guidelines that can be used equally well for procedural, functional or generic programming. In this talk I'll recap the SOLID principles and explain why they form such a valuable set of universal design guidelines. Also, I'll go into detail about several common misconceptions.

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