CppCon 2019 Reducing Template Compilation Overhead, Using C++11, 14, 17, and 20--Jorg Brown

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Reducing Template Compilation Overhead, Using C++11, 14, 17, and 20

by Jorg Brown

Summary of the talk:

At their best, new C++ standards offer simpler, clearer, and faster-to-compile ways to write your code. But many information sources, for example Andrei Alexandrescu’s Modern C++ Design, haven’t been updated.

More importantly, template metaprogramming is not something we generally seek to optimize because a good compiler handles it well, and problems generally only show up in the form of long compile times.

In this presentation, I'll describe techniques you can use to simplify, clarify, and improve the compile speed, of your code, including:
* Using C++17 "if constexpr"
* Using C++11 variadic function / template arguments (often without needing recursion!)
* Using decltype on auto-return functions in order to compute types in a more readable way.
* Using C++20 constraints rather than std::enable_if

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