CppCon 2019 How to Herd 1,000 Libraries--Robert Schumacher

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How to Herd 1,000 Libraries

by Robert Schumacher

Summary of the talk:

In the current C++ world, it is a struggle to convince even a single external library to build and behave. Adding a third and fourth dependency causes quadratic grief as each library interacts with each other and One Definition Rule violations lurk around every corner.

How, then, is it possible to manage over 1,000?

In this talk, we'll talk about the techniques, shims, and hacks used in the Vcpkg package manager to persuade, connive, and coerce all these independent moving parts into a single robust ecosystem. We'll sample the myriad approaches used by real-world libraries to declare dependence and walk through how they can be guided to do the right thing at the end of the day.

Private package management systems still thrive in corporations and these approaches can provide method to the madness of consuming open source.

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