Join tomorrows online C++ tool fair organized by Meeting C++

Tomorrow evening(CEST) Meeting C++ organizes the first online C++ tool fair! Join the event to talk to 8 tool vendors! You'll be able to ask questions and see demos of the tools!

Online C++ tool fair

by Jens Weller

About the event:

Similar to the job fair, I decided to host a short tool fair in April, to give the community the chance to see demos and extend their knowledge around C++ tooling!
Event will happen between 20:00 - 22 CEST. works best in Chrome (only officially supported browser). The mobile app/web client may or may not work.

Present at the event:

Compiler Explorer (Matt Godbolt)
C++ insights (Andreas Fertig)
Quick Bench (Fred Tingaud) and the Poco project (Günter Obiltschnig)

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