CLion 2021.1 release: global DFA, postfix completion, more MISRA checks, and other changes

CLion 2021.1 is released!

CLion 2021.1: New Code Analysis Options, Updates to Remote Mode, and Postfix Completion

by Anastasia Kazakova

About the release:

The CLion 2021.1 release is here! It catches more potential code quality issues,
enhances the debugging experience, and brings a more capable remote mode.

  • Code analysis
    • Global DFA is added and takes a whole translation unit of a program as a single unit for analysis to capture more potential issues.
    • New checks from MISRA C 2012 and MISRA C++ 2008 are introduced.
    • Clazy, a Qt-oriented static code analyzer, is now integrated into CLion.
  • Dynamic analysis tools
    • CLion can now calculate branch coverage.
    • Google Sanitizers, Valgrind Memcheck, and code coverage now works with remote toolchains.
  • Postfix completion for C and C++.
  • A new Open Project wizard.
  • Debugger:
    • GDB and LLDB have reached feature parity for core dump debugging in CLion.
    • Move execution point now works in the disassembly view.
  • For CMake projects:
    • Bundled CMake is upgraded to 3.19.
    • An ability to share CMake Profiles in VCS.
  • For Makefile projects:
    • Initial support for remote Makefile projects.
    • The Makefile Language plugin is now bundled into CLion.
  • VCS
    • Profile for pre-commit inspections.
    • Git commit templates.
  • Code With Me, a new JetBrains service for collaborative development and pair programming, is now bundled with CLion.

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