Plotting the Lorenz Attractor with C++20 [In Spanish] -- Daniel G Vergel

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This post, written in Spanish, provides a step-by-step guide to create an application that plots orbits of the Lorenz system in a 3-dimensional perspective window. This is achieved by using C++17/20 coding techniques and the Boost.Numeric.Odeint and Dlib libraries.

Lorenz attractor

Plotting the Lorenz Attractor with C++20(Spanish)

by Daniel G Vergel

About the article:

This is a coding exercise that I often ask my students at the European University (Madrid, Spain) to complete as part of their programming training. In order to ease the gathering of data from the terminal, the article also uses a small C++20 library that prompts the user for inputs and handles any formatting errors. The details of its implementation are covered in a different article.

The blog tries to mitigate the lack of educational materials on modern C++ currently available in my native language. Code examples are nevertheless self-explanatory, and I hope, may be of interest to non-Spanish readers as well.

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