Take control of your vcpkg dependencies with versioning support--Victor Romero

A new feature.

Take control of your vcpkg dependencies with versioning support

by Victor Romero

From the article:

We have an exciting new feature to announce in vcpkg: the long-awaited and highly requested package versioning! This feature makes it possible to install specific versions of dependencies and control installed versions over time. In order to use this feature, a vcpkg.json manifest file must be present in your repo to declare dependencies. Versioning is not currently available for libraries installed via the command line (i.e. vcpkg install library_name commands). The versioning feature is completely optional – you can choose not to specify library versions, and vcpkg will pick the most appropriate set of compatible versions for your dependencies from its baseline catalog. For now, we are considering this feature experimental. Please give us your feedback and let us know how we can improve...

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