Firsts in 2020 (or, A little dose of good news)--Herb Sutter

A year full of accomplishments.

Firsts in 2020 (or, A little dose of good news)

by Herb Sutter

From the article:

2020 has been mostly terrible. That includes for the C++ committee and many of our communities, where just this month we lost Beman Dawes. Beman was one of the most important and influential C++ experts in the world, and made his many contributions mostly behind the scenes. I and everyone else who has ever benefited from any of the standardized STL, Boost, C++Now, std::filesystem, C++98/11/14/17, and more — so, really, most people who have ever used C++ — all owe Beman a debt of gratitude. We miss him greatly.

To end the year with a little dose of good news, I thought I’d mention a just few positive C++ accomplishments that did happen for 2020, and were happier “first-ever” achievements.

First, the big one…

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